CernySmith is a research, development, testing and training organization focused on developing materials and services that support people, coaches, and organizations. Our goal is to help people in any country to adjust and change during times of transition. Failure to adapt is costly, and successful adjustments do not come easy. Adjustment takes time, commitment, skill, and energy. We realize that healthy adjustments lead to greater satisfaction, increased productivity, and general well-being, so we created these powerful assessments that help equip people with the tools they need for success.

Our assessments are highly personalized, online assessments that screen and evaluate stress occurring during times of transition. They measure stress in 15 areas and provide strategies on how best to adjust to changes and reduce stress. Having been proven to help motivate productivity, reduce attrition and enhance direction, these accurate and highly researched tools are used in over 147 countries by thousands of international organizations, expatriates, families and students.

In addition, CernySmith also provides CernySmith Intercultural Awareness and Effectiveness Training Series (IAES), a comprehensive training program that consists of 4 separate modules designed to help people and groups prepare for successful transitions to new cultures. This pre-field cross-cultural training is used by organizations, churches, HR departments and individuals who want to learn how to be culturally effective.

The Team

Leonard J. Cerny

Leonard J. Cerny II, PhD

Dr. Cerny, a Clinical Psychologist for over 35 years,
has provided international consultation and coaching
services to intercultural organizations, work teams,
and families since 1992. He is a researcher, author,
and lecturer in the area of stress and development.

David S. Smith

David S. Smith, Ph.D

Dr. Smith, a Clinical Psychologist with a private practice in Southern California since 1987, is also a researcher and international consultant. Dr. Smith, along with his colleagues, has conducted workshops and coached teams in over 30 different countries. Since 2004, his focus has been on training and mentoring international coaches and other professionals in the CSA.

David S. Smith
Karen Smith
Customer Service


Karen has led the Customer Service Department for CernySmith since 2003. While holding a Bachelor and Masters in Education, Karen is the voice of CernySmith. Customer satisfaction has been at an all time high since taking over the department. If you can not get a question answered from your Coach or Distributor, Karen will have the answer. Her job is to help you!

Mike Ryan
Sales / Marketing

Mike Ryan

Mike is a seasoned executive with over 40 years of leadership, management and sales experience. Mike has extensive experience in coaching, mentoring and developing leaders as well as designing and implementing assessments for organizations. Mike also works with corporations and humanitarian organizations using the CSA. He provides senior executive level team summaries and provides recommendations to minimize stress within the organization. He is an authorized CernySmith Distributor/Trainer and an ICF member.

Mike Ryan