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The CSA measures your stress in 15 different areas of your life and provides opportunities for personal growth and development.
The 15 areas we measure.


The CSA is so reliable you can monitor your progress by taking the CSA as often as you'd like.


CSA reports, coaching, training and online resources offer proven suggestions to help you manage
your stress.
Learn how to manage your stress.

Choose an Assessment

CSA with Brief Report

The CSA Brief is a powerful 6 page report which measures your stress and identifies your top 3 Strengths and Challenges. Your results are compared to other test takers. Suggestions are made to help manage your stress.



CSA with Feedback Report

The most popular assessment. This comprehensive 10 page report identifies your 15 areas of stress in detail. For best results, we recommend it with CSA coaching.



CSA with Feedback Report and Coaching

Includes your CSA Feedback Report and a personalized coaching session with a CSA Coach. Enjoy greater understanding of yourself and practical ways to handle your stress.



Detailed Reports


CSA Total Score

CSA reports contain easy to understand graphs that show exactly where you lie on a given spectrum. The Challenges area of each graph displays the challenge that each stress has for you. The Strengths area displays the areas of stress that are strengths for you.

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