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My CSA does not appear after clicking the link and creating my account?
Your server, spam filter etc. may have blocked the link. Contact your coach for a CSA code.

How is an unfinished CSA resumed? 
To resume a CSA log into the account, select TAKE TEST, then select RESUME TEST.

CSA directions using a coupon code (new users) 

  1. Register/Create an account at: https://cernysmith.com/register/
  2. Bypass “Choose your account level”, scroll to bottom of page and select “I have a coupon code”
  3. Enter the case sensitive coupon code:
  4. Enter basic information (required information)
  5. Select TAKE NOW under “Select a test to take”
  6. Select the CSA version, then NEXT to begin the CSA
  7. Select “Download” to print/save the report
    If the report does not automatically appear select ASSESSMENTS in left menu, select “>” to download the report

CSA directions using a coupon code (repeat users)

  1. Login at https://cernysmith.com/sign-in/
  2. Update My Profile Required Information (if needed, save the changes)
  3. Click TAKE TEST in top banner and under “I have a coupon code” enter the case sensitive code:
  4. Select the CSA version to begin the CSA
  5. Select “Download” to print/save the report
    If the report does not automatically appear click ASSESSMENTS in left menu, select “>” to download the report

How can taking the CSA help me?
Taking the CSA and understanding your results will help you see the potential road blocks that can hinder your successful adjustment. You will gain valuable insight into your strengths and challenges and a useful contribution to your personal awareness and development.

How often can the CSA be used?
Preferences vary. Some use it once to assess stress and adjustment, others prefer periodic monitoring (i.e. quarterly, annually), and some use it whenever they feel the need.

As a coach how can I tell when my client completes a CSA?
Your client’s results appear in your account immediately. To view the results click the Team tab.


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