Become a CSA Coach

Why CSA Coaching?

CSA Coaching shows people new ways to think. They help put things in perspective and help people enhance their skills, strengths, and challenges. With all the transitions and changes that come with everyday living (e.g. moving to a new country or city, changing jobs, dorm living), having someone help you reduce your stress and optimize your adjustment can lead to greater success and empowerment.

Who are CSA Coaches?

They represent a broad spectrum of people: executive/organizational and life coaches, member care providers, human resource specialists, educators, chaplains, psychologists, and people who have lived successfully across cultures.

How do I become a CSA Coach?

All you need to do is complete the CSA Certification Training program, which trains people to administer and interpret CSA results.

Why is coaching highly recommended for CSA Reports?

The CSA Feedback Report is a comprehensive, highly descriptive report that allows for greater in-depth, personalized analysis of the results. CSA coaches are highly trained to interpret CSA results and empower clients to understand and apply their results in a powerful and personalized manner. The CSA Brief Report does not contain all the scales, profiles, and information that is in the Feedback Report.

Become a Coach