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While business settings are rapidly changing their employees must adapt to these changes. The inability to keep pace can be costly to the business both financially and emotionally. Many enterprises are realizing the importance of addressing these factors and are turning to the CSA-Business for solutions.


The CSA-B is a highly reliable, online assessment that screens and evaluatesthe impact of change and stress on productivity and resilience. The CSA-B measures 15 areas of adjustment that focus on self-management, relationship management and work management. The CSA-B combined with performance based coaching can increase performance and personal satisfaction. Associates, their families and employers like the CSA because it accurately identifies strengths and challenges, and recommends practical steps to maximize performance and job satisfaction.


The CSA-B is effective in enhancing and increasing productivity, eliminating and avoiding inefficiencies, monitoring progress and skill development, encouraging vision and direction, increasing employee well-being, and reducing attrition period.

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